Our Pastor


Our Rector

To the ministry of priest I bring a strong sense of values.  This can cause conflict when the tasks I am asked to do are not in line with my values. I also bring a need to be authentic.  I live my life as my true self.  If it seems right I walk in step, if it seems wrong I cannot go along.  Everything I do feeds my quest to adapt my life and values toward achieving connection with God and inner peace.

Ministry Gifts: Pastoral Care, Preaching, Community Building, Liturgy and Teaching

Past Ministry Experience: Ministry to families in crisis, teen-aged runaways, homeless adults, persons with AIDS and cancer, the dying, and those in prison.  Deacon in Charge of 3 churches in the Diocese of Southeast Florida.

My Approach to the Ministry of Priesthood: The Book of Common Prayer (1979) defines ministry, in the Preface to the Ordination, as a “gift of God for the nurture of God’s people and the proclamation of the Gospel here and elsewhere” (BCP p. 510)   In its broadest sense ministry is defined by its functions such as: building community, proclaiming of God’s Word, serving God’s people, and celebrating the sacraments.

Yet, it is easy to confuse ministry in the church as status. I think ministry is most accurately defined as service.  The four orders of ministry described in the Prayer Book have distinct, but complementary, focuses: Laity, Bishop, Priest and Deacon.

Whatever our particular type of ministry, everything that is done is done in response to God’s invitation to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”  I experience ministry most simply as a loving response to God’s call to love in God’s name.

My own strengths and weaknesses are part of the package I bring to St. Hilary’s and I offer them to God, who lovingly molds and equips me on a daily basis to serve God’s people.  I love life and see it as a special gift and strive to make the most out of it by sharing it with others. I love people and over my lifetime have developed skills in using my interest in people to create, nurture and sustain inter-personal relationships.

I see the world I live in as a world of infinite possibilities, so I get very passionate and excited about many things. This passion can be translated into inspiring and motivating others. Additionally, I have a keen ability to “help” people.  But, I have learned that there are situations and scenarios where that help is not “helpful” or warranted.

I have enjoyed several different careers during my lifetime including: medical social work, family counseling and Information Technology. The one constant passion of mine has been the ministry of the church: lay, deacon and priest.

Native of Greenville, South Carolina

Lifelong Episcopalian – father is a retired Episcopal Priest, mother was a lifelong Episcopalian
My 3 siblings live in South Carolina

My 2 adult children live in West Palm Beach

Ordained Deacon at Trinity Cathedral in Miami, FL on September 11, 1998

Ordained Priest at St. James the Fisherman Church in Islamorada, FL on June 19, 2011
20 years of experience in organizational leadership within church and secular settings

Master of Arts in Theology – University of the South, School of Theology at Sewanee, TN 2011
Master of Social Work – Barry University 1985
Bachelor of Arts in Religion – University of Florida 1982