Follow Scripture at home with the whole family. Each Saturday an email is sent containing a video and activity pages to provide inspiration for parents to discuss the Lectionary readings and other topics of the day. If you are not on the church email list - sign up on the home page or contact                          Click image for example.

Come to the Table: Bible Lesson for all ages

A new ministry for the 'times'.  The Second Sunday of each month families of all types, small or large, older or younger even single meet together to study the bible through questions, crafts, songs and prayer. Registration is required so that we can prepare a special table for each family.  To register CLICK HERE and email for to or drop off at the office.                                                      Covid guidelines for this program CLICK HERE

St. Hilary's Youth and Families

Youth and Families is a loving ministry of Families, Parents, Volunteers and Staff who create and support youth, children and family lessons, programs and events at St. Hilary’s following WeBelong! Mission. Check out programs for Youth and Children.          

Our Vision

Our Vision for young people and families is to create a Christ-Centered Community and inter-generational relationships through a team centered approach utilizing music, service, education and worship promoting belonging, safety and growth.

For Safety of our Volunteers and Children, we have suspended Nursery, Children's Church and YOSH Bible.      


Family Church at home Connection

Come to the Table: Bible Lesson for all ages